We have been lucky to have been sponsored by a number of local and national companies, but we always have room for more. If you know of anyone who might be interested in sponsoring one or more of our teams, let your manager or a committee member know and we’ll try and get the deal done.


Most age groups run some sort of kitchen on match days – a great selection of hot sandwiches, hot and cold drinks, sweets etc. The money raised from this benefits that team directly. All the work is done by volunteers – so your help from time-to-time would be much appreciated.

We have to pay referees, so most age-groups also run a match day raffle that pays their fee – please have a go!

If you have any good ideas for fundraising, please tell us! We have a fantastic collection of sponsors (please use their products and services whenever you can), but as ever we can always nd ways ofspending. Please also attend and help out with our fundraising efforts, previous seasons efforts have included: Sponsored penalty shoot-outs, race nights, bag-packing at Morrisons/ASDA and a number of other events.