Winning streak now six games!

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Winning streak now six games!

Posted by admin on October 16, 2012

This was the first time that Brinsworth have visited the Carribean Club and I suspect they may not look forward to future visits.

As game one started it was clear that the work the boys have been doing in training was starting to pay off. Players look in for the pass rather than running in to lots of players. Other players holding their positions to receive the ball. The Spartans started so quickly and confidently that it was only a matter of time before the chances would come. And come they did. However, the Spartans only converted one in the first half (a well deserved goal from man-of-the-match Sam) - which meant that Brinsworth always had a chance to come back. A long range shot from the right wing from one of the Brinsworth players caught James out in goal as it curled away at the last minute and nestled in the far corner. Half time 1-1.

Second half was much the same, hard work from the Spartans (always looking for the killer pass). Jack Betts and Rmaraye running the midfield brilliantly. The breakthrough came eventually from a long range shot from Cameron and just as the goalie appeared to have it Rmaraye popped in, controlled and rolled it past him - 2-1. However, as before, Brinsworth came back and scored from a well rehearsed corner with a header. 2-2 By the end the Spartans were hanging on as both Josh (who never gets injured) and Jack Betts both picked up knocks.

Game two, was more of the same, but this time the Spartans took more of their chances. Great passing and movement from the trio of Blade, Keiren and Jack MB up front supported by Morgan was always a threat. The Spartans going in front again only to be pulled back again by a header from a corner. A goal from nowhere from Kieren (how he got in in from where he did no one nows) and the coolest finish of the day from Pav - slotting under the goalie like he does it every day! Another headed goal from Morgan (two in two games) left it 3-1 at half time.

The second half was more of the same, Jack MB setting himself up a number of times but only putting one away and Morgan getting another. Brinsworth did make a gew chances (particularly down the right from their no 7 who had a huge strong shot) and Kian made a couple of great saves with his feet, keeping the strikers at bay. But the passing game continued and made it a pleasurable game to watch. 

Final score 7-2

We now have two players pushing for the top 10 scorers in the league:
11: Kieran Dodds with 6 goals
12: Rmaraye Hamilton with  6 goals 

and in the top five goalies: 
3: Kian Betts (2 clean sheets from 6 games)
4: James Eaton (2 clean sheets from 8 games)
5: Jack Bailey (1 clean sheet from 2 games)

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