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U10 Black rout Maltby Miners Welfare

Posted by admin on February 18, 2014

This game was switched midweek from Maltby's ground to the Spartans training facility due to the constant rain of recent weeks. While most team had a day off, this match survived and the Spartans ran up a big win against a mid-table team having a bad day.

The weather was great for this 11am kick-off after and with the surface being a reasonably new 3G one, it was perfect for playing good football.

The Spartans started the brighter and created chances almost from the off and it was not long before some good work down the right from Alfie found Sam unmarked to finish clinically for 1-0.  The Spartans soon created another chance but were denied by the Maltby goalkeeper and Rmaraye failed to convert another chance as it fell to his right foot. The boys were applying pressure all over the pitch with Alfie, Kieren and Sam roaming down the wings and Rmaraye and Blade up front.

Midway through the half Maltby did create a few counter attacks of their own, which required good work from Josh and then Cameron to clear the danger as Maltby broke. James had to deal with a shot that he held safely and also a goal kick (that was it for the game however).

Betsy then doubled the lead after some great work from Rmaraye and Sam got his second of the game to make it 3-0 as he was set-up by Kieren. 

Just before half-time, Rmaraye got on the scoresheet as he fired home a great corner from Betsy after more pressure from the boys caused confusion in the Maltby penalty area.

Half time 4-0.

During the half-time break the boys were reminded of a few areas to improve on and sent back out.

The Spartans very soon killed the game off as some good passing work saw Alfie set up Rmaraye for his second of the game which was very soon added to by Blade for 6-0. This also saw the Malby heads go down, but sadly the coaches and supporters of Maltby did not help as their comments to the players were anything but supportive.

After this point it was all Spartans pressure, Rmaraye ran from his own half after a clearance by the Maltby goalkeeper to fire home an unstoppable shot and then Kieren stole the ball and finished from teh left for 8-0.

The shots were raining in and when they were missed, the Maltby goalkeeper simply played the ball down the middle from the goal-kicks and every one was picked up by a Spartans player, so the pressure never stopped. Some simple instructions from the coaches could have sorted that out.

Kieren soon scored his second of the game from another great pass by Alfie and then another from a pass from Blade for his hat-trick. The Maltby goalkeeper in all this was still making saves and stopping the game getting really out of hand.

Alex, Josh and Cameron were almost camped on the halfway line for this half and James was tryng to keep focussed in goal and there was still time for Bettsy to get two more (both assisted by Kieren) to finish the game.

Final score 12-0. Some really good football from teh boys and some areas to work on. Maltby won't have a day as bad as that for a while and the goalkeeper deserves lots of credit to keep going to the end.


Scorers and Assists:
Rmarye  3 + 2
Kieren  3 + 2
Betsy 3 + 1 
Alfie 0 + 3 
Sam  2 + 0
Blade  1 + 1

League Stats:

1st Kieren - 25
3rd = Rmarye - 16
3rd = Blade - 16

1st: Rmarye - 13
3rd: Alfie  - 12
4th = Kieren - 9
4th = Sam - 9 

1st: James - 6 clean sheets
4th : Blade - 1 clean sheet


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