U10 Black in second comfortable win

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U10 Black in second comfortable win

Posted by admin on September 16, 2013

A blustery Graves Park welcomed the Spartans for this lunchtime kick-off.

James returned in goal to bring the Spartans up to full strength and Blade returned to the midfield after guesting in goal for the previous game.

The first half started well as the Spartans passing game started from the off - lots of hard work over ther summer seems to be sinking in. After what seemed like only a minute or two a fine passing move wash finished by Alfie for 1-0. Alfie then proceeded to cut the Pumas defence apart a few times and the Sam could have had two or three goals before the Spartans eventually scored again. Sam passed into Blade who finished neatly for 2-0. Kieren then quickly scored his first of the game after yet another lovely pass from Alfie to make it 3-0.

At the other end, the Pumas were struggling to make any meaningful headway over the halfway line and when they did, the defence cleaned up easily.

4-0 came from some good interchange between Rmarye and Kieren who finished from close range on the goalline and the fifth followed on the stroke of half-time as Betsy fired goalwards from the edge of the box, taking a small deflection on the way after bing played in by Pav.

Half time 5-0. The Spartans were completely dominating play - James had not even seen sight of the ball so far.

The second half saw the Pumas gain some confidence and start to come into the game, keeping the Spartans at bay and playing some decent football themselves. The Pumas forced a couple of corners and the Spartans had to be awake to ensure the Pumas did not have a scoring chance. James eventually got to touch the ball, cleaning up after a small break from the Pumas. When the Spartans got through on goal, the Puma's goalie pulled off a number of decent saves before Kieren finshed off from shot from Sam (who claimed it was a pass). Then Kieren scored a solo goal after a goalkick went wrong and left him with an open net - 7-0.

The scoring was completed just before the end of the game as more Spartans pressure saw Rmarye send Blade in for his second of the game and the Spartans 8th.

Final score 8-0.

Kieren now heads the league scoring with 8 goals from 2 games.

Goals + Assists
Kieren 4 + 0
Blade 2 + 0
Alfie 1 + 1
Betsy 1 + 0 
Rmarye 0 + 2
Sam 0 + 1 
Pav 0 + 1

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