U10 Black drop first points in draw with Shaw Lane Aquaforce

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U10 Black drop first points in draw with Shaw Lane Aquaforce

Posted by admin on October 16, 2013

The first game of the season where all of the Spartans current teams played at home on the same day had been billed as Super Sunday, but the weather decided to change it to wet and horrble sunday!

The U10 Black team were up first against a team with a 100% winning record, Shaw Lane Aquaforce, so at least one team would loose their 100% start.

The game kicked off at 10.30 in drizzly, murky conditions. 

From teh very first move of the game it was clear that Shaw Lane were better than any of the Spartans opponents so far as they immedietely passed the ball back through their defenders and out to the left wing. But, as soon as the Spartans got the ball, it was also clear that they meant business as they got straight into their own passing game. 

The initial stages consisted of the Spartans passing well up to the final third, but bein thwarted by a packed Shaw Lane defence that as soon as they had the ball, counter attacked in numbers and caused problems for the Spartans defenders. Unlike recent weeks, James had plenty to do early on with goalkicks and a couple of corners.

Shaw Lane's first real attempt at goal however resulted in the first goal conceded by the Spartans this season. The ball was crossed from the left after a corner and it fell to an unmarked player on the far post who aimed goalwards from close range. The ball hit the Spartans defender in the face and canoned into the goal for 1-0.

The boys immediately rallied and pressed forward, with some slick passing at times that the Shaw Lane midfield had no answer to, only to be stopped by either good tackles or some miss controls. Everything Dan had asked them to do in the attacking side of the ball they were trying, Alfie, Kieren and Sam on the wings working really hard with Bettsy having a good game in the middle with Rmarye up front causing problems for the Shaw Lane defence. 

However, it seemed that because of the standard of teams they had played before, the midfield and forwards were leaving the defending to the the two defenders and not tracking back. Shaw Lane are a different prospect and attack and defend as a team and therefore were outnumbering the Spartans back line again and again with good tackles from Josh, Pav and Cameron keeping the game close. 

It was Shaw Lane who scored again though as a shot came in from the left hit a Shaw Lane player, then Blade and then the far post before ending up in the net - nothing James could do. How would the Spartans deal with being 2-0 behind?

The answer was to play through the Shaw Lane defence and score their own goal! The ball broke down the Spartans left and was passed neatly through a number of players before Rmarye got some space and crossed for Blade to hustle it home to the goalies right. 2-1 and the Spartans were back in the game.

Half time 1-2.

The second half had the Spartans playing down the slope and continuing to play the same way, slick attacking and sometimes slack defending.  Shaw Lane had plenty of attacking ball, but when needed the defenders did their jobs and sorted things out with James clearing up at the back.

Dan switched Rmarye to the left wing at the start of the second half to try and get some more crosses in and it was he who nearly levelled after some good work across the back from Pav to Josh who released Rmarye to unleash a powerful shot that smashed off the bar!

More good attacking work from the Spartans produced a number of corners and Alfie put in some great balls that on another day would result in goals. 

The equaliser eventually came after some good hustling in the middle from Kieren and Alfie who fed Betsy who then laid the ball on Rmarye who blasted home from just inside the box. 2-2.

The rest of teh game was cat and mouse with the Spartans pushing for a winner and Shaw Lane always dangerous on the counter attack - the closest they came was a corner after they again broke in numbers. The ball was swung in from the right and James rose above all to punch to safety - with a chance for the Spartans on the break.

Final score 2-2 and overall probably a fair result between two very good footballing teams, the Spartans can learn alot about defending as a team however from this.

Scorers and Assists:
Rmarye 1 + 1
Blade 1+0
Bettsy 0 + 1

League Stats:
1st: Kieren - 11
3rd: Blade  - 8
10th: Alfie - 5

1st: Rmarye - 7
4th: Sam  - 3
5th: Pav - 3

1st: James - 4 clean sheets
2nd : Blade - 1 clean sheet


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