Spartans U8's do the double over Hoyland

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Spartans U8's do the double over Hoyland

Posted by admin on November 21, 2014

Today saw the Spartans U8 up against the Hoyland town. And a chance to do our first double.

The team had a great warm up on a fairly damp pitch and some of the players looked like they had been in a mud bath before a ball had been kicked.

The game started off at a good pace with some very clear improvement from the players, they were working together well as a team, and passing the ball around very well.

Most notably the way the team were getting back and defending in numbers too.

It’s always a sign on how far the team has come when the opposition mums and dads are appreciating the work our players are doing on the pitch with a shout of “good shot” or “great pass” and “Good save!!”

The match finished with a fantastic result for the Spartans and dare I say our first double of the season.

Christmas just round the corner, I think some new fancy football boots might be in order?

Onwards and upwards.

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