Spartans humbled by an old foe

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Spartans humbled by an old foe

Posted by admin on February 19, 2013

After the performances of recent weeks in training and games, there was cautious optimism going into this top of the table game against Dronfield. Previous encounters have always been close and there is always an air of tension as both teams usually match each other quite well.

As far as the game went, this continued, but the score was anything but close.

Dronfield chose to kick down the slope at the beginning of game one and quickly got into their stride, no slow start here. Within the first ten minutes, the Spartans had conceded 4 goals - three of which would on another day have been saved and could be considered 'soft goals'. Small mistakes in the defence and errors in goalkeeping were ruthlessly punished. But, that does not tell the whole story. The Spartans were trying to play their own game and creating half chances and chances that were being saved by the Dronfield goalie. Another goal by Dronfield followed before half time. 5-0

Mark and Dan really tried to encourage the boys at half time, they were playing really well and did not deserve to be five behind. The second started and things really picked up, the Spartans pressed constantly, creating chance after chance - hitting the woodword three or four times and had two cleared off the line. But, it was Dronfield who exyended their lead, playing the ball to their main offensive threat who twice more broke and finished clinically for 7-0. So far Dronfield had had 7 shots and scored 7 goals, whereas the Spartans had had 10 or 11 shots and scored none. Whoever, the Spartans did get on the scoresheet when Alfie finished with a great shot into the top right corner as the ball broke after yet another Spartans attack. 7-1 at the end of game one and loads to do in game 2.

With a six goal defecit, the Spartans really had to get off to a good start to get back into the game, but things went the wrong way as on Dronfields first attack, the ball was turned into their own net by a Spartans defender and another small defensive lapse was ruthlessly punished to make the score 9-1 in no time. The Spartans really worked as hard as they could, using the passing game to create chances of their own, only to be thwarted by a confident goalie in good form. Three more goals followed before half time as Dronfield capitalised on their game plan of playing most balls to a single attacker who knew how to score...

At half time, the coaches really worked hard to lift the boys. They were playing really well and just not getting the breaks. They were given the challenge of winning the second half and this seemed to lift spirits. The boys dominated the first period of the second half, agan creating chances aplenty. Eventually the Spartans got their break and Kieren scored a great goal that the team deserved. 12-2. Dronfield however were always a threat (particularly their gigantic centre forward). An number of times they broke, but the defence had sorted themselves out somewhat and coped better until he broke free, James making an initial great save but the rebound fell to the attackers feet and he thundered in the goal for 13-2. That was not the end though, as the Spartans never gave up and tried to score more and Dronfield breaking an number of times, but James made sure that was that in terms of Dronfield scoreing with some great late game work.

Final score 2-13. A dreadful score, but a very hard working game that certainly deserved alot more. Dronfield will undoubtadly be promoted as they are a good team, but the Spartans should be proud of the way they played football today.

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