Spartans frustrated by a solid Whiston Team

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Spartans frustrated by a solid Whiston Team

Posted by admin on December 11, 2012

A windy cold December morning greeted the two teams at the home ground of Whiston Wildcats for the Spartans first ever visit.

The Spartans had three players out with illness and at least one recovering so it was never going to be an easy game. A big improvement was needed after the dissapointment of the game at Dinnington and game one started just as required. 

Both teams set out to play a controlled game of passing and movement, Rmarye was roaming down the left wing (back to his usual strngth and pace) and Kieren Dodds running his legs off up front. Jack Bailey was on fire in midfield, playing some lovely balls to Kieren and Rmarye. Cameron was restored to the defensive partnership with Josh that has worked so well over previous seasons. 

Initial pressure and composure soon paid off as Rmarye knocked the ball home after the Whiston goalkeeper spilled a shot from Kieren for a deserved lead. From this point it looked like the Spartans might push on and score a few more. A great pass from Kieren to Rmarye was well saved by the goalie and a few times Rmarye shot when a cross might have been the better option. But, as usual the Spartans like to make things interesting and allowed Whiston back into the game with a scrappy goal for 1-1 at half time.

Second half started much the same, good work from the Spartans, some good saves by the Whiston keeper. However, the Spartans started to struggle with the conditions - strong wind being the main problem. James in goal had to make some good decisions to throw rather than kick into the wind. The Spartans were then undone in the space of a couple of minutes as they got away from what they do best. A scamble in the box was not cleared and was fired into the far corner for 2-1 and then all the Spartans inexplicably stopped to admire the game when Whiston got into the box again, for 3-1 with a good finish over James from close range. Whiston could have made it more as the ball appeared to leave the field (James was off the field as it passed him) and bounced off the far post (the goal was replaced a minute later confirming the ball was out).

So, 3-1, could the second game turn things around?

No substitutes for the Spartans in this game so all the boys had to play the whole game. Again things were improved from the week before as the Spartans played some nice moves, only to be thwarted by last ditch defending or the wrong final ball. Blade was working up front and making some great runs with the ball being supplied by Jack MB, Alfie and Morgan with a new defensive pairing of Aman and William (who played by far his best game for the Spartans).

The boys started to pull things back when Jack MB finished from a ball from Alfie (exactly as they have been told in training by Mark and Dan). However, the Wildcats were always a threat, but Aman and William did a brilliant job and meaning Kian had only to sweep up the pieces. But the goal of the game came before half time as the Wildcats player vollied in from inside the box as goal that would not look out of place at Old Trafford or Wembley.

The second half started more of the same, Blade had a brake that looked for all the world like he would score, only to have the ball taken away by their big strong defender. But as the half wore on, the Spartans found their strength and passing and started to boss the game. A corner from Alfie was turned in by Blade for 4-3 and when the goalie spilled a shot from Jack MB, Blade pounced to level at 4-4. The Spartans kept the pressure on for the next five minutes, missing chance after chance - they have to learn to finish better. The Wildcats nearly nicked it themselves (3 minutes into the last minute), but a 4-4 draw was the least the Spartans deserved after such a hard working game.

So, still thngs to improve on - the final choice of ball after good runs and finishing! But, much improved.

Next up - last game of the year at home to Staveley Miners Welfare on Sunday.


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