Spartans exit cup at Millmoor Juniors

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Spartans exit cup at Millmoor Juniors

Posted by admin on February 5, 2013

After two consecutive games called off due to snow and ice, practices indoors and then a power cut over the last three weeks, the chances of a fluent, confident game were quite small, but on the back of a summer tournament victory over Millmoor there was always a chance.

The Spartans were two players short, one ill and one missing. The game was moved at the last minute to Millmoors ground (the kind of place every team dreams of owning) due to waterlogging at the Carribean Club.

Game one saw a team of Kian, Aman, William, Alfie, Jack MB, Logan H, Blade and Morgan take the field and the first few minutes were encouraging. The Spartans pressed Millmoor in their own half, looking for the opportunities to get a shot on goal. However, in a move that was to be repeated twice more in the game, the Spartans defence failed to spot two Millmoor players behind them as they both pushed up and Millmoor broke down the field clear on goal. Kian did his absolute best, but it was 1-0. This was to form the pattern of the first half - Spartans pressing (sometimes trying to win the game indiviudally) - Millmoor break as the Spartans defence slept and score - Kian getting hands on two of the three goals. Half time 4-0.

Some half time encouragement from Mark and Dan seemed to do the trick in the second half. The midfielders starting to pass the ball rather than running in to trouble which gave the Spartans more opportunities than the first half. The defence, while still at times failing to spot players all on their own behind them, where much stronger and cleared where in the first half the Millmoor players were getting shots in. When the shots did come in Kian managed to get something on them to keep it out. End of a disspointing first game 4-0.

Could the second team learn from the first game? Rmarye was moved up front with Kieren coming into the midfield for this game and straight away seemed to hit off a partnership that could well pay dividends in future games. The first half was a much stronger performance with the defence being marshalled by Josh and Sam and Kieren running down the wings. The Spartans tried to pass the ball and fought when they lost it. However, it was Millmoor who added to their lead as a move broke down and a shot came in from the right and curled away from the goalies hands into the opposite side. Sam then received an injury in a tackle which finished him for the game (thankfully only cuts and bruises rather than anything broken). In this game though, the Spartans were creating chances. Crosses from either side were just missed by the attackers and shots on goal saved by the Millmoor goalie. Half time 5-0.

The second half was more of the same, Spartans creating enough chances to win the game but not finishing as they usually would and Millmoor trying to counter attack with some slick passing and moving. The game was sealed mid way through the second half, James miss-kicked a goal kick which fell to a Millmoor player half way to the centre line who hit it first time passed James as he tried to recover to the middle of his goal. 6-0. Mark and Dan had to encourage the players as some heads dropped, and this worked as the boys worked really hard to try and get just one in reply. In the end it was not to be, despite pretty much constant pressure towards the end.

Final score 6-0 and some lessons hopefully learned. The Spartans player can learn alot from how Millmoor play - always playing the ball to players in space and not simply running with it till somebody takes it off you...

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