Spartans avenge opening day loss to Pumas

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Spartans avenge opening day loss to Pumas

Posted by admin on November 20, 2012

The Spartans wiped memories of the opening weekend loss to the Pumas by winning in the most convincing way.

An early start on a cold and frosty Sunday morning at a place we've never played before seemed to concentrate minds. José swapped the starting teams around for this week, and Kian returned from injury.

Game one started as well as it could, some early pasing and movement resulted in pressure that the Pumas could not cope with and the Spartans were 4-0 up within the first five minutes - effectively finishing the game as a contest. However, the Pumas, just like the Spartans, did not give up and made a few attacking moves of their own, forcing Kian into a save with his feet and going wide with a couple of other attempts.

The Pumas goalie started really well and kept the score in the first half very reasonable, however a burst of goals in the second half meant that all his hard work was in vain. But again the Pumas still pushed on when they could and meant that the Spartans back three (Cameron, Aman and Kian) had to keep concentrating all the time. However, the score sheet does not lie and the game finished 12-0.

Game two was alot like the first, but the Pumas had far less of the play, with James having to touch the ball just twice before he was swapped for Josh late on in the second half. However, the scoring was not the same. Possibly, due to the first half scoring, there was not the same fluency and cutting edge as game one - some players trying to do too much, or loosing concentration. The chances just did not come as often.

Special mention has to go to the Pumas goalie who pulled off a great save from Kieren when it looked for all the world as if the Spartans had another to add to the tally. 

So 16-0 it finished - it could (and probably should) have been more, so plenty still to work on and next up its our nemesis team Dronfield Town at home...

This win also elevates a couple of players up the league standings - our top ones being:
Jack M B - 4th in scoring list with 14 goals for the season
James - 3rd in goalies with 4 clean sheets 

Game 1

1-0 Jack M B
2-0 Jack M B assist by Blade
3-0 Logan P assisted by Jack M B
4-0 OG assisted by Alfie
5-0 Morgan after keeper spilled from Jack M B shot
6-0 Blade from a Morgan throw
7-0 Alfie assisted by Logan P
8-0 Jack M B assisted by Logan P
9-0 Jack M B
10-0 Jack M B
11-0 Morgan after keeper spilled from Logan P shot
12-0 Jack Bailey after keeper spilled from Jack M B shot

Game 2
 13-0 Rmaraye assisted by Doddsy
Fantastic save by HP keeper, diving to top left to deny Doddsy
14-0 Doddsy after Sam Ford cross spilled by keeper
15-0 Pav assisted by Logan H
Keeper change with 10 mins to go, James out Josh in.
16-0 Bettsy won ball from a goal kick and put past retreating keeper from outside box



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